Acid Based Cleaner and Etching Agent

CONCLEAN PLUS CCC070 is a rapid acting acid based cleaner and light-etching agent for concrete substrates.


CONCLEAN PLUS CCC070 is specially formulated with fume arrestors to minimize acid vapors during applications.


Composition and materials: a hydrochloric acid with specially formulated penetrants, surfactants, and odor arrestors.


Technical Data Sheet


CONCLEAN PLUS CCC070 is used as a combination of cleaner and etcher on closed concrete surfaces to ensure proper penetration of waterproofing coatings, and sealers such as CHEM-CRETE SOFIX CCC100 and CHEM-CRETE SOFIX CCC700, etc. CONCLEAN PLUS CCC070 will provide:


  • Removal of rust stains, and mill scales from the substrates.
  • Cleaning of brick work from biomass, etc.
  • Cleaning concrete floors prior to application of coatings, toppings, lay-ups, screeds, etc.


  • Ready-to-use product.
  • Rapid acting concrete etching
  • Minimizes acid vapors due to fume arrestors.
  • Non-corrosive on most base metals, plastics, rubber, glass, etc.
  • Efficient removal of light laitance to promote optimum adhesion of coatings.


Product Packaging



Density, Lb/Gal (Kg /L) 9.07 (1.09)
Freeze temperature, °F (°C) 25 (-4)
Freeze harm Complete
Boiling point, °F (°C) 200 (93)
Solvent for clean-up Water
Color Reddish
Odor Soapy/slight Acidic
Toxicity None
Flammability None
Fumes during treatment Slight to moderate
Environmental Hazards Corrosive material


Limitations:       CONCLEAN PLUS CCC070 is an acidic-based liquid. It should be handled with proper care and skills. It could cause an adverse effect on certain material. If any doubts on such, it is preferable to test a small area prior to regular application.


Also, concrete floors, which had developed structural cracks, un-sealed isolation joints, etc. should be given special attention while treating with CONCLEAN PLUS CCC070.


Surface Preparation: All concrete surfaces to be cleaned should be free of any substance or coverings, which may interfere with proper application and penetration of CONCLEAN PLUS CCC070. Protect adjoining work from spillage, blow-over, etc…

Acid will not cut through oil, grease, curing or sealing compounds, paints, heavy dust, laitance or dirt accumulation. These contaminates must be removed before etching. Scrub with CONCLEAN CCC 060 or use appropriate solvents depending on the type of contaminate.


Application: The proper technique for acid etching should be followed. The CONCLEAN PLUS CCC070 solution should be sprinkled at an average coverage of 5 m2 per liter uniformly over the entire surface using a plastic sprinkler can. Ensure that the entire surface is wet with acid solution. Once the solution is sprinkled on the floor, it should be scrubbed into the surface with a stiff bristle broom to remove any loose concrete, cement paste or laitance.


The etching process should be observed closely to determine areas where vigorous bubbling does not occur. These areas  have to be mechanically scarified and etched again. Use caution so that the spent acid solution does not wet adjacent floor prior to application of fresh acid.


Cleaning: as soon as acid quits foaming and bubbling (approx. less than one hour from the time of application), rinse the floor with generous amount of water.


Any soluble salts formed by the acid acting on the concrete that remain on the surface will affect the adhesion of the coatings, screeds, etc. to the substrate particularly in the low spots where water puddles. Pressure water jet spray is the best adopted method to rinse the etched floors efficiently. This method would ensure complete removal of acid residues from the floor leaving the pH value neutral.


Neutralization of concrete floors upon acid etching can be assured by rinsing and washing the floors with CONCLEAN CCC 060 or with a solution of 25% baking soda and clean water.


Drying: once thorough rinsing has been completed, the floor should be mopped dry and allowed to stand for 24 hours. The moisture content test should be conducted to ensure that the surface is dry prior to applying coatings, lay-up screeds, etc.


The product can be stored for 2 years in cool and dry place. Protect from direct sunlight.


Requires OSHA approved safety wear while handling or applying acid based material.


Clothing: Must dress protective safety wear as common with any chemical applications.

Rubber gloves, footwear, goggles, paper musk are recommended.

Skin: Product acts as a de-fatting agent and causes skin burns or irritation. Flush with clean water, if it comes in contact with the skin.

Eye: Flush immediately with fresh water for at least 25 minutes.

Ingestion: Don’t induce vomiting.

In all the above cases seek medical attention.


LIMITED WARRANTY:   International Chem-Crete Inc. warrants that, at the time and place we make shipment, our materials will be of good quality and will conform to our published specifications in force on the date of acceptance of the order.


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