About Us

Chem-Crete was founded in 1969 in Dallas Texas for the development and manufacturing of products for the construction industry.  In 1987 Radi Al-Rashed change the name of the company to International Chem-Crete to better reflect his goal of being a supplier of green-technology products for the construction industry, worldwide.  The company is focused on research and development as well as the manufacture of water-based products to solve a variety of durability and constructability issues in both concrete and asphalt materials.  International Chem-Crete currently offers over 120 innovative and cost-effective solutions to common problems found in roadway pavements, airport pavements, bridges, tunnels, rail systems, commercial buildings and a host of others.  These products have application to both new construction for the purpose of increasing longevity and performance and for long-lasting repair of existing structures.


International Chem-Crete has two manufacturing facilities to better serve its worldwide distribution network.  The corporate office is primary home office, and research facility. The manufacturing plant is located in Burleson, Texas.  From its Texas plant supplies the North American, Asian and North Africa markets.  A second manufacturing facility in Slovakia and supplies Europe, Russia and surrounding countries including Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus and others.  The combined manufacturing capabilities of these facilities can produce sufficient materials to handle the largest projects in a timely manner and without interruption.


A primary focus of the company has been to develop cost-effective solutions to the most common types of durability issues facing Portland cement concrete (PCC) pavements.  Extensive research conducted by third party laboratories and universities and verified by actual field performance data have proven to dramatically reduce moisture-related issues in PCC.  Freeze/thaw damage, deterioration due to chlorides (deicing salts), alkali silica reactivity and other types of deterioration have been significantly reduced.