Polymer Modified Thin Repair Mortar – Up to 12 mm Thickness in One Application

CEM240 is a one-component polymer modified cementitious compound, which requires only addition of clean water to produce a fairing fine finish patching and repairing concrete and masonry surfaces.


CEM240 fairing compound can be used at a thickness from featheredge to a 12 mm thickness in one application.


At 75°F (25°C), CEM240 has an initial setting time of approximately 250 minutes and final setting time of 290 minutes; this allows work to continue with little delay. Actual set time vary depending on ambient and substrate temperatures.


The finished patch of CEM240 is dense, crack resistant, durable, and has exceptional strength.


Technical Data Sheet


CEM240 may be used to patch and repair interior and exterior, above or below grade, vertical horizontal or overhead concrete and masonry surfaces.


Specific uses include resurfacing and leveling, filling small holes, honeycombs and spalled areas and tuck-pointing both cracks and mortar joints.


  • Easily mixed by simple addition of water on site.
  • Excellent thin layer adhesion
  • Smooth finish ready to receive surface paints
  • Can be used for repairs and resurfacing from featheredge to 12 mm thickness
  • Durable and water-resistant
  • Crack resistant
  • Exceptional mechanical strengths


Product Packaging
CEM240 55 Lb (24.948 Kg) Bag



Property Value * Standard
Compressive Strength,

psi (MPa)

1 day 1498 (10.33) ASTM C109
7 days 5569 (38.40)
28 days 6817 (47.00)
Flexural Strength,

psi (MPa)

1day 435 (3.00) ASTM C348
7 days 1175 (8.10)
28 days 1334 (9.20)
Setting Time**, minute Initial 250 ASTM C191
Final 290
Pot Life**, minute 25
Density – set mortar, Lb/Gal (Kg/Liter) 18.03 (2.160)
Adhesion Strength Concrete Failure ASTM D4541 -Method A


* Average

** Test at 75°F (25°C).



  • Do not apply CEM240 more than ½ inch deep in one application.
  • Do not use CEM240 in cracks that are structural and especially live cracks.
  • Do not apply CEM240 to frozen or frost filled surfaces or at temperatures below 4ºC, or if temperature is expected to fall below 4°C within 24 hours.


Water requirement: 1.022 Gallon (3.867 Liter) of water is required for the 55 Lb (24.948 Kg) Bag of CEM240.


Coverage: 55 Lb (22.68 Kg) Bag of CEM240 covers approximately 11.8 ft² @ 0.5 inch thickness (1 m2 @ 14 mm thickness).


Surface Preparation: surfaces must be structurally sound, clean and free of dirt and all other contaminants. Clean and properly prime all exposed reinforcement, if any. When the substrate to be patched is non-absorptive, abrade as necessary to ensure proper bonding. Light sweep blasting would be sufficient to achieve good surface for bonding. Any oil and grease contaminants should be removed by proper methods such as using CONCLEAN 060 degreasing solution.


Dampen the surface with clean water immediately before application. Wipe up excess water on horizontal surface to prevent dilution of the mixed CEM240.


Mixing: mix CEM240 in a clean container using a slow speed electric drill fitted with mixing paddle. Do not aerate while mixing. For smaller quantities, mix with a hand trowel. Pour clean water into the container and gradually add the CEM240.


Mix thoroughly to dispense all ingredients and to achieve trowelling consistency. Do not use excess water.


Application: thoroughly dampen areas with clean water immediately before patching. Apply sufficient pressure to fill all holes and voids, and then trowel to a smooth finish. On large areas, use a screed to obtain a uniform level before trowelling, do not over-trowel.


CEM240 should be applied with a minimum of working time and should be allowed to partly set before trowelling to a final smooth finish. Depending on the smoothness of surface texture requirements, a small amount of water may be splashed on to a partially set surface of CEM240 and then trowelled to a smooth finish.


Curing: immediately after placement, keep wet and protect surfaces from rapid moisture loss. Protect exposed areas from excessive heat and cold. Cover surfaces with wet burlap and keep damp for minimum 24 hours.


Cleaning: Clean all tools, equipment, etc. from CEM240 with clean water before the product reaches initial setting. Cured material may only be removed by mechanical means.

clean all tools, equipment, etc. from CEM240 with clean water before the product reaches initial setting. Cured material may only be removed by mechanical means.


Store CEM240 in cool and dry storage facility. Do not expose to direct sunlight. Product has a shelf life of approximately 12 months if stored in a cool and dry place and in unopened bags.


CEM240 is a non-flammable and non-toxic in nature. Avoid contact with eyes and skin as it may cause irritation due to its alkaline nature.  Splashes of CEM240 should be washed off immediately with clean water.  Wear necessary gloves and dust mask.


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