Two-Component Zinc Rich Epoxy Primer

ZINC RICH EP is an organic ZINC RICH Epoxy system recommended for use in the new construction and maintenance. ZINC RICH EP provides cathodic protection of reinforcement steel thus prevents the corrosion of construction rebars.


Technical Data Sheet


ZINC RICH EP is used in new construction and maintenance as a protective coating on steel and reinforcement rebars and as a primer for steel substrates prior to suitable top coatings.


  • Easily applied
  • High performance anti-corrosion primer.
  • Pulp Good chemical resistance
  • Excellent wear and abrasion resistance



Product Packaging

Part A: 0.165 Gal, Part B: 0.085 Gal

0.75 GAL (2.84 LITER) UNIT

Part A: 0.50 Gal, Part B: 0.25 Gal



Technical Data for Unmixed Parts

Property @ 25°C (77°F) Resin – Part A Hardener – Part B Test Method
Solids 71.25 % 44.10 %

Color Zinc Amber

Density, Lb/Gal (Kg/L) 14.77 (1.77) 7.66 (0.92) ASTM D-1475
Mixing Ratio A: B

≈ 2: 1 By Volume

Shelf Life 2 years 2 years

* Custom colors are available upon request


Technical Data for Mixed Parts

Property (Mixed A & B) Value @ 25°C (77°F) Test Method
Mixed Density, Lb/Gal (Kg/L) 12.33 (1.48) ASTM D-1475
Solid Content by Wt, % 66

Gel Time @ 60 grams, hour > 8 ASTM D-2471
Shore Hardness @ 3 Days, D 20 ASTM D-2240
Bond Strength to Steel @ 7 Days, Psi (MPa) 96 (0.66) ASTM C321
Elongation, % > 30 ASTM D-522, Method A
Typical Thickness 4-6 mil (100-150 µm)

Final Cure, day 7



Limitation: application at ambient temperature below approximately 41°F (5°C) is not recommended. Exposure to temperatures exceeding 149°F (65°C) for prolonged periods is not recommended.




Steel reinforcement bar: 1 liter of ZINC RICH EP will cover approximately 97 linear meters of 16 mm diameter steel reinforcement bar per coat.


Coating on steel surface: A 0.25 Gal work pack of ZINC RICH EP will cover approximately 52 ft2/coat (approximately 300 grams/m2/coat)


Surface Preparation:


Abrasive Blast Cleaning:

  • The base metal should be free from rust, scales, grease, oil and any other impurities, which impairs strong adhesion of coating.
  • Corroded steel should be shot blasted to Swedish Standard SA 2 ½ achieving bright metal surfaces. Where shot blasting is impractical, pre-treatment may be carried out using needle guns, tap hammers, rotary wire brushes fitted to angle grinder or drill, mechanical grinding etc.
  • Cleaning with decreasing agents is advisable to ensure the surface is free from grease or oil.
  • Surface defects revealed from blasting should be ground, filled or treated in a proper manner.
  • Apply ZINC RICH EP immediately to surfaces prepared in accordance with the mentioned standards to prevent any further oxidation of steel.


Method of Application:

  • Stir the component thoroughly prior to application. Pour the content of Part B container into the container of Part A and mix thoroughly for 3 minutes.
  • Apply an even coat without leaving breaks in the coating by using a stiff nylon bristled brush. Ensure a uniform and full coverage, particularly on the back face of the reinforcement.
  • A second coat may be applied soon after the first coat is dry approximately 3 hours at 104°F (40°C).
  • Repair mortars or over coating works may be applied as soon as the ZINC RICH EP is dry.


ZINC RICH EP can be applied using an airless sprayer, brush and roller.


Cleaning: remove uncured ZINC RICH EP from tools and equipment with suitable solvents such as Xylene, Toluene or CHEM-CRETE BLENDED SOLVENT immediately after use. Cured material may only be removed mechanically.


The product can be stored for minimum of twelve months at temperature from 50°F to 95°F (10°C to 35°C) in the unopened original packaging.  Protect from direct sunlight and avoid sources of ignition.


After hardening thoroughly, ZINC RICH EP is physiologically harmless. Keep the resin and hardener away from the eyes mouth and skin.  Do not breathe in the vapors.  The uncured mixture can cause irritation of the skin.  For best protection, wear rubber or plastic gloves.  In case of contamination, wipe away resin or hardener immediately from the skin using paper towels and then wash with soap and water or hand cleaning detergent. Empty resin and hardener cans must be disposed according to local city code or regulations.   Under no circumstances empty cans should be used to store food or drink even if they have been thoroughly cleaned. Follow all cautionary direction as printed on container’s labels.


LIMITED WARRANTY:   International Chem-Crete Inc. warrants that, at the time and place we make shipment, our materials will be of good quality and will conform to our published specifications in force on the date of acceptance of the order.


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