Two-component Epoxy Non-Sag Gel, 25% Elongation

Chem-Gel 25 is a two-component solvent-free, low modules, moisture insensitive, thixotropic and non-sagging epoxy gel. Both resin and hardener components are formulated and pigmented. Chem-Gel 25 meets ASTM C-881 Type I and II, Grade III, Class B & C. CHEM-GEL 25 is suitable for application as crack sealing compound on cracks, which are subjected to slight movements.


Technical Data Sheet


CHEM-GEL 25 is extensively used in the following applications:

  • Used for bonding adhesive packers and sealing cracks as part of a crack injection system.
  • Joining concrete-to-concrete, steel to concrete elements.
  • Filling slip bricks to concrete.
  • Fastening bolts into walls.
  • As a gap filling adhesive.
  • Filling and sealing bolt pockets.
  • Bedding tiles.
  • Leveling irregularities on concrete floors prior to application of floor coating and screeds.


  • Ready to use work pack ensures correct mixing.
  • Thixotropic consistency allows application vertical, overhead, etc. packers do not sag.
  • Excellent adhesion. Adhesion maintained even in damp conditions.
  • Non-slump.
  • Excellent mechanical properties.
  • Easy to use, trowels to a smooth finish.
  • Cures under water.
  • Elongation 25% suitable for sealing live cracks with small movements.



Product Packaging



Technical Data for Unmixed Parts

Technical Data @ 25°C Resin – Part A Hardener – Part B
Solids, % 100% 100%
Color White Black
Density, Lb/Gal (Kg/L) 9.16 (1.16) 8.1 (0.98)
Shelf life Two Years Two Years
Mix ratio (A:B) 1:1 by volume


Technical Data for Mixed Parts

Properties @ 25°C Values ASTM Method
Viscosity Non-sagging gel N/A
Density, Lb/Gal (Kg/L) 8.9 (1.07) D-1475
Pot life @ 90 milliliter, minutes 40 C-881
Gel time (25 μ) 6 – 8 hours N/A
Tensile strength @ 7 Days, Psi (MPa) 5070 (34.5) D-638
Flexural strength @ 7 Days, Psi (MPa) 3010 (20.5) C-348
Compressive strength @ 7 Days, Psi (MPa) 5070 (34.5) D-695
Bond strength@ 7 Days, (24 hours) 1470 (10) C-882
Elongation, % 25 D-638
Water absorption @ 24hours, % 0.35 D-570



Limitations:  applications at ambient temperatures below 5°C is not recommended. Exposure to temperatures exceeding 65°C for prolonged period is not recommended.


Pre-treatment of Substrate:


Concrete Surfaces: the substrate must be clean, dry, free from grease or oil, etc. Laitance and loose particles must be removed by either sandblasting or mechanical grinding from the edges of the cracks.


Steel Surfaces: all steel surfaces to be bonded with CHEM-GEL 25 must be clean, dry, free from rust, oil, grease, etc. Shot blasting to Swedish Standard SA 2 ½ is preferable to achieve a white metal finish prior to application.


Mixing:  stir each component separately. Mix one part A and one part B by volume into a clean mixing container. Mix the epoxy with a slow speed drill with a mixing paddle attachment. Carefully scrape the sides and bottom of the pail during mixing. Blend for 3 minutes.


When Preparing Grout:  Mix in one part of Silica Sand 0.8 – 1.2 mm by volume to one part of mixed CHEM-GEL 25.


Mix only quantities, which can be used within the pot life.



  • Large batches of epoxy will cure much faster than small batches.
  • Mixed epoxy will cure much faster in hot weather than in cold weather.




As a Grout: fill the cavity with mortar, using a trowel, spatula or caulking gun. Tamp or strike-off level with the surrounding surface. When filling deep areas, limit each layer to one inch (25 mm) to avoid sagging on vertical overhead application.


Curing: initial setting is minimum 8 hours. Full cure in 3 days.


Cleaning: remove uncured CHEM-GEL 25 from tools and equipment with a suitable solvent such as Xylene or Toluene immediately after use. Cured material may only be removed mechanically.


Store in a dry area, between 5°C and 35°C.  Protect from direct sunlight. Shelf life is minimum two years in original un opened container.



After full curing, the product is physiologically harmless.  Keep the resin and hardener away from the eyes mouth and skin.  Do not inhale vapors.  Uncured mixture can cause irritation of the skin.  The best precaution is to wear safety protective gloves, overall, mask and goggles while working.  Skin contamination should be immediately cleaned with soap and plenty of water.  The use of solvents should be avoided.  If resin of hardener splashes into the eyes, wash immediately with running water.  A Doctor must me visited in all cases.  Forced ventilation should be provided when working with solvents, etc.


LIMITED WARRANTY:   International Chem-Crete Inc. warrants that, at the time and place we make shipment, our materials will be of good quality and will conform to our published specifications in force on the date of acceptance of the order.


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