Hydrophilic Moisture & Vapor Blocker up to 10 Lbs per 1000 ft² per 24 Hours

CHEM-CRETE SOFIX CCC100 is a unique water-based blend of catalyzed chemicals that prevents moisture transmission through concrete structures up to 10 Lbs per 1000 ft2 per 24 Hours*. The moisture blocking mechanism of CHEM-CRETE SOFIX CCC100 occurs as a result of a crystallization process that takes place within the concrete capillaries, voids and pores. The CHEM-CRETE SOFIX CCC100 produces water insoluble hydrophilic crystals. The affinity of the crystals to moisture is extremely high. In the presence of hydrostatic pressure or under wet conditions, the crystals absorb moisture and rapidly swell to block concrete pores and capillaries, preventing moisture penetration. The very low viscosity of CHEM-CRETE SOFIX CCC100 allows it to penetrate deeply into a concrete substrate. The product protects preserves and waterproofs without any surface film formation or color change.

Picture: microscopic image shows crystals of CHEM-CRETE SOFIX CCC100


* ASTM F1869: Standard Test Method for Measuring Moisture Vapor Emission Rate of Concrete Subfloor Using Anhydrous Calcium Chloride.


Technical Data Sheet

Sofix Products Brochure (English)

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  • One component, easily applied by brush, roller, low pressure sprayer.
  • Low viscosity, excellent penetration into deep pores.
  • Environmentally safe, non-toxic and odorless.
  • Reduces freeze-thaw damage.
  • Resists acid rain staining.
  • Ultra violet light and salt water spray exposure had no adverse effect on CHEM-CRETE SOFIX CCC100 treated concrete.
  • Decreases the surface moisture content in concrete for a better and longer lasting application of floor toppings and surface coatings.
  • Eliminates silicate dusting.
  • Creates permanent internal waterproofing.
  • Treatable Substrates include: concrete, concrete block, concrete mortar, concrete plaster, stucco, stone, exposed aggregate or any sand, aggregate combination and as a waterproofing sealer for freshly placed concrete.


CHEM-CRETE SOFIX CCC100 can be used in the following applications:


  • Slabs which will receive coverings like carpet, wood & tile.
  • Floors which will receive epoxy, polyurethane and polyurea coatings.
  • Walls which will receive paints and coatings.
  • Algae, mold, fungus and bacteria abatement applications.
  • Retaining Walls & Basements.
  • Foundations, Slabs and Concrete Floors.
  • Side Walks.
  • Industrial Plants
  • Subway Tunnels


Product Packaging
5 GAL (18.925 LITER) PAIL


Specific Gravity: 1.07
Freeze Temperature: 25°F (-4 °C)
Boiling Point: 214°F (101°C)
Freeze Harm: Complete
For Cleaning: Water
Color: Clear
Odor: None
Toxicity: None
Flammability: None
Fumes During Treatment: None
Environmental Hazards: None
Thinners Required: None
VOC (grams/Liter): 0.0
Number of Coats Required: Two coats
Drying Time At 77°F (25°C): 2 – 3 hours


Applicable Standards: CHEM-CRETE SOFIX CCC100 meets or exceeds:

  • ASTM C666
  • ASTM D3359: 28% increase in epoxy adhesion or surface coating.
  • ASTM G23: Ultraviolet light and water spray exposure had no adverse effect on CHEM-CRETE SOFIX CCC100 treated samples.
  • NCHP 244 “Soak Test” Rev.


Other Tests:

  • Penetration Test – Ink Test: 6 – 12 mm depth.
  • Permeability / Capillarity Test No. 88.151.518


Methods of Application: By spraying, rolling or brushing.


Tools Needed: CHEM-CRETE SOFIX CCC100 can be applied using one or more of the following:

  • Low pressure sprayer.
  • Paint roller or paint brush.
  • Bristle broom.


Surface Preparation: Surface must be clean, and free of paint, sealer, oil, adhesive, curing compound, form release agent and/or anything that will not allow CHEM-CRETE SOFIX CCC100 to penetrate into the substrate.  Areas which require cleaning must be cleaned by scrubbing, pressure washing or other methods to remove any surface dust, dirt or other contaminants. CHEM-CRETE SOFIX CCC100 may be applied to damp surfaces as long as no standing water or puddles are present. Heavy contaminated areas must be cleaned using CHEM-CRETE CONCLEAN CCC060 biodegradable concrete cleaner and a pressure washer to help remove deeply penetrated areas.


If application surface is a concrete floor which will receive a resilient flooring, then the guidelines published in current ASTM F710 should be followed by the applicator.


Coverage: Two coats, approximately 200 ft2 per gallon per coat (4.91 m2 per liter per coat) of CHEM-CRETE SOFIX CCC700.  Coverage depends on the porosity of the concrete.


Limitations: Do not apply CHEM-CRETE SOFIX CCC100 in the following cases:

  • When temperature falls below 40ºF (5°C)
  • To areas previously treated with curing or sealing agents unless these coating have been removed by chemical or mechanical means.
  • Do not use or allow it to come into contact with aluminum or glass. Crystallization will occur on surface. If contact occurs, immediately wash off with water.

Cleaning: Clean all equipment, tools with fresh clean water immediately after use.


Two years shelf life when stored in cool, dry place in its original unopened container. Always agitate or stir the product’s container before using. DO NOT ALLOW PRODUCT TO FREEZE. Repeated freezing & thawing might cause damage for the product.


As with all construction chemical products, adequate precautions and care must be taken during usage and storage.  Avoid direct contact with foodstuff, eyes, skin, and mouth.  Any direct contact with skin, eyes, etc. should be washed thoroughly with clean running water and soap.

Always wear protective goggles and gloves. In case of eye contact, flush for 15 minutes with warm water. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.


LIMITED WARRANTY:   International Chem-Crete Inc. warrants that, at the time and place we make shipment, our materials will be of good quality and will conform to our published specifications in force on the date of acceptance of the order.


DISCLAIMER:   The information contained herein is included for illustrative purposes only and, to the best of our knowledge, is accurate and reliable. International chem-crete Inc. is not under any circumstances liable to connection with the use of information. As International Chem-Crete Inc. has no control over the use to which others may put its products, it is recommended that the products be tested to determine the suitability for specific applications and/or our information is valid in particular circumstances. Responsibility remains with the architect or engineer, contractor and owner of the design, application and proper installation of each product. Specifier and user shall determine the suitability of the product for specific application and assume all responsibility in connection therewith. AM150721.