Cement-based Waterproofing Coating for Concrete Structures

CHEM-CRETE CCC150 is a Portland Cement-based with an acrylic additive, brush applied waterproof coating system for concrete and masonry surfaces. CHEM-CRETE CCC150 is formulated similar to concrete, and becomes an integral part of the wall when properly applied, to give a uniform color and finish of the concrete substrate. CHEM-CRETE CCC150 produces a textured finish, provides a decorative protection to the surface, which fills and seals the pores, voids and allows the substrate to breathe.


Technical Data Sheet


CHEM-CRETE CCC150 waterproofs masonry and concrete surfaces, interior and exterior, above and below grade.  Typical applications are:


  • Reservoirs and water tanks.
  • Bridges, tunnels.
  • Foundations, parapets and basements.
  • Swimming pools, toilets and fountains.
  • Building walls, retaining walls.
  • Sewage treatment plants and other surfaces subject to water penetration.


CHEM-CRETE CCC150 is normally applied to the surface facing the water source.  However, CHEM-CRETE CCC150 is strong enough to withstand hydrostatic pressures from the negative side of the wall.


Compatibility: CHEM-CRETE CCC150 is applied to concrete, block, brick, stone, pre-cast and formed concrete, stucco, cement plaster and other properly prepared, structurally sound masonry and concrete wall surfaces.


  • Ready-to-use & only require addition of water.
  • Suitable for interior and exterior applications.
  • Excellent adhesion.
  • Freeze thaw resistance.
  • Waterproof and weatherproof.
  • Allows substrate to breathe.
  • Withstands hydrostatic pressure from negative side of application.
  • Non-toxic and suitable for clean water applications.



Product Packaging
CHEM-CRETE CCC150* 50 Lb (22.7 Kg) Bag

* Available is two colors; white and grey



Property Test Method Test Criteria Test Results
Absorption ASTM C67 24 hours soak 4.5 %
5 hours boil 4.6 %
Freeze Thaw Resistance ASTM C67 Loss at 50 cycles Durability factor 1.1 %
ASTM C666 101 after

300 cycles

Chloride Content ASTM D114 0.0099%
Water Penetration and Leakage Through Masonry ASTM E514 Results after coating of leaking wall.

Extent of Damp Area

– 72 hours – 0%.

Maximum leakage


Salt Spray Resistance 300 hours exposure to 5% Solution @ 90F (32°C). No adhesion loss or deterioration at test completion
Fungus Growth Resistance FED-STD-141 Method 627-1 Resistant
Weatherometer, 6000 hours ASTM G26 No crazing, cracking, chipping or flaking.

Light chalk and color change.

No other deterioration.

Water Resistance – 2.5 mm thick coat FSTTP-0035 No moisture pass after 8 hours equivalent to 158 kmph wind driven rain
Flexural Strength, Psi (MPa), 28 days ASTM C348 760 (5.2)
Bond Strength, Psi (MPa) ASTM D4541 Method A 62.22 (0.429)
Initial Setting Time, @ 77°F (25°C) ASTM C191 270 minutes
Final Setting Time, @ 77°F (25°C) ASTM C191 300 minutes
Working Time, @ 77°F (25°C)

180 minutes
Mixed Density, Lb/Gal (Kg/L) ASTM D1475 14.94 (1.79)


Surface Preparation: Surface must be structurally sound, clean and free from dirt, oil and all contaminants.  New concrete and masonry surfaces must be cured for 28 days.  Provide an absorptive surface on all substrates including smooth pre-cast and formed concrete, by abrading the surface.  Remove form marks and other protrusions to prevent ‘show through’.    Repair all surface defects, cracks and voids before applying CHEM-CRETE CCC 150.  Allow preparations to cure minimum 24 hours before coating.  Dampen the substrate with clean water immediately before application of CHEM-CRETE CCC150.


Leaking Areas: Basement Interior: Repair all joints with CEM220 Polymer Modified Cementitious Repair Mortar.  Apply CEM290 Hydraulic Cement Water Plug where running water is a moisture problem.  To relieve any excess water pressure, tap pressure relief holes at the base of wall.  Leave holes open until surrounding CEM290 is firmly set (about 24 hours).  Fill holes with CEM290 plug and coat immediately with CHEM-CRETE CCC150.  If ordinary dampness presents, brush one coat of CHEM-CRETE CCC150 on the surface at the rate of 22.53 Lbs / 100 ft2 (1.1 kg / m2).


Mixing Procedure: CHEM-CRETE CCC150 must be mechanically mixed, using a slow speed motor and mixing blade to thoroughly disperse all ingredients.  Do not aerate mix.


Mixing Ratio: Approximately 8.165 liters (2 Gallons and 20 oz) of clean water is required for every 50 Lbs (22.70 Kg) bag of CHEM-CRETE CCC150.


Pot Life: Pot life is approximately 20 minutes at 78.8°F (26°C).  Mix only as much CHEM-CRETE CCC150 as can be used in 20 minutes to prevent waste.


  • For smooth, dense surfaces or for stronger adhesion and denseness, use EB550 SBR along with water as mixing liquid for mixing with CHEM-CRETE CCC150.
  • Blend 3 parts of clean water with one part of EB 550 SBR in a clean container to make up the mixing liquid.
  • Pour approximately one half of the required mixing liquid into an empty clean container, and begin slow speed power mixing while slowly adding CHEM-CRETE CCC150.
  • Gradually add more CHEM-CRETE CCC150 and mixing liquid to bring the mixture to the consistency of a heavy completely blended slurry mixture.
  • Stop mixing; allow material to “Fatten” for 8-10 minutes.
  • When “fattened”, remix, and if necessary, add more mixing liquid to brushing consistency.


Application: Dampen the substrate thoroughly with clean water before starting application.


Hand Brush Method: Use a cement mason’s brush.  Load bristles with CHEM-CRETE CCC150 and lay on a heavy coat using long, smooth, horizontal, strokes with sufficient material to fill all pores and voids.  The final brush strokes should be in one direction to produce an even texture and finish.


Second Coat: Dampen the first coat with water within 4 hours after 1st coat has been applied prior to application of second coat.

Coverage: the coverage rates below are approximate and for estimating purposes only.   Surface texture and porosity determines the total amount of CHEM-CRETE CCC150 required.


  • For ordinary wall waterproofing conditions, apply first coat of CHEM-CRETE CCC150 at 22.53 lb/100 ft2 (1.1 kg/ m2) and a second coat at 22.53 lb/100 ft2 (1.1 kg/ m2).


For areas subjected to severe water pressures, double the above coverage.  Total thickness of the coats will be approximately 1.5 – 3.0 mm thick.


Cleaning: clean all mixing and application equipment with water immediately after use.  CHEM-CRETE CCC150 is a cementitious product containing an acrylic additive.  Removal becomes extremely difficult if it is allowed to dry on the surface.



  • Do not apply to frozen or frost filled surfaces or when temperature is below 41°F (5°C) or expected to fall below 41°F (5°C) in 24 hours.
  • Do not use on traffic bearing surfaces.
  • Do not fill open cisterns, tanks, pools, etc. with water at least for 7 days after application completion.
  • When using CHEM-CRETE CCC150 in enclosed tanks or reservoirs, make sure that adequate ventilation is available during application and the total curing period.
  • Occasionally, a white powdery substance known as efflorescence appears on masonry walls due to moisture carrying soluble salts to the surface. If this is present on the surface prior to application of CHEM-CRETE CCC150 it must be removed with a wire brush or 10% muriatic acid solution and thoroughly washed-off. If this efflorescence appears after application of CCC 150, it will eventually work its way out over a period of time.
  • Measure water accurately to prevent strength reduction. Do not use additives such as retarders, set accelerators, calcium chloride or additional sand.
  • Do not place CHEM-CRETE CCC150 when temperatures are below or expected to fall below 1-2 °C within 72 hours.

Cleaning: clean all mixing and application equipment with water immediately after use.


CHEM-CRETE CCC150 is non-flammable and non-toxic in nature. Avoid contact with eyes and skin as it may cause irritation due to its alkaline nature. Splashes of CHEM-CRETE CCC150 should be washed off immediately with clean water. Wear necessary gloves and dust mask.


CHEM-CRETE CCC150 has a shelf life of minimum 12 months when stored in cool, dry conditions in unopened bags


LIMITED WARRANTY:   International Chem-Crete Inc. warrants that, at the time and place we make shipment, our materials will be of good quality and will conform to our published specifications in force on the date of acceptance of the order.


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