Twisted Jute Fiber In Rope Form

Chem-Crete Dry Oakum is a dry, twisted JUTE Oakum made in rope form without tar or oil. Chem-Crete Dry Oakum is backed by laboratory and field research that has made it tops in quality, easy to handle and convenient to use.


Technical Data Sheet


CHEM-CRETE DRY OAKUM may be used mainly with products like flex foam, hydro foam or as part of CHEM-CRETE PIPE PLUG system.


Mainly used in plugging the gaps around pipes, ducts, wide floor/wall cracks prior to polyurethane injection, leaking joints, leaking around pipes, water tank leakages etc.


The usage of CHEM-CRETE DRY OAKUM along with hydro active polyurethane grouts and resins are extensively used in following fields:


  • Wastewater treatment plants.
  • Reservoirs and potable water tanks
  • Pipelines, duct works etc.
  • Tunnels and underground cable trenches
  • Power plants and substations
  • Industrial buildings
  • Commercial and public utility building etc.
  • Service manholes.


  • Economical and time saving system.
  • Double yarn permits easy division of strands for use on small sealing.
  • Very loose weave allows rapid absorption of hydro active foams.
  • Free from tar and oil (less than 7%).
  • Precision packaging and convenient to use.



Product Packaging

When fully un-wound, a 40 LB (18.14 Kg) coil will yield approximately 100 linear FT (30.3 meters) of approximately 3 inch (75) mm diameter rope.


CHEM-CRETE DRY OAKUM conforms to Federal Specification HH-P-117 as published in the Federal Standard Stock Catalogue, Section IV, Pat 5 HH-P-117. It was approved by the Director of Procurement on November 5, 1940 for the use of all departments and establishments of the US Government. Copies are available from the Superintendent of Documents, Washington DC. The specifications cover twisted jute packing only.



Oil: since only Dry Jute should be used for sealing applications, CHEM-CRETE DRY OAKUM contains less than 7% oil by total weight of the packing.


Fiber: CHEM-CRETE DRY OAKUM is made from thoroughly carded jute fiber and is practically free from hard, coarse fibers and extraneous matter. It is prepared in rope form with eight strands having a twist of approximately 1.25 turns per 0.3 meter.


Diameter: diameter is approximately 50 mm and each strand diameter approximately 13 mm.


Weight: weight is approximately 0.60 kg. per linear meter.


Tools Required:

  • Two plastic pails, one for Resin and one for Water
  • Blunt placement tools
  • Rubber gloves
  • Splashguard goggles
  • Xylene, MEK or CHEM-CRETE BLENDED SOLVENT for cleaning tools of uncured resin




  • Required Hydro Active Polyurethane Grout resins such as Flex Foam or Hydro Foam.



  • Clean joint to expose clean concrete surface.
  • Cut Dry Oakum into workable strips, normally 0.5 – 1 meter in length depending on work condition.
  • Loosen fiber with hands to enhance material penetration.


Mixing of Polyurethane:

  • Mix two components of Hydro Active Polyurethane Grout resins such as Flex Foam or Chem-Crete Pipe Plug Grout.
  • Hydro Foam is single component and does not require pre-mixing.



  • Submerge Dry Oakum into activated foam resin.
  • While removing from container, wipe excess material from Dry Oakum.
  • Wet joints or gaps with water to prime joint surface for saturated Dry Oakum.
  • Dip saturated Dry Oakum into water to start catalyzation.
  • Place saturated Dry Oakum in the joint or gap.
  • Spray visible Saturated Dry Oakum surface.
  • If necessary, cut excess from surface of joint after cure.


Curing: please refer to the Technical Data Sheets of the used Hydro Active Polyurethane Grouts.


Cleaning: hydro Active Polyurethane Grouts when in uncured state, can be removed from tools, gloves etc. by using Chem-Crete Washing Agent. Cured Polyurethane Grouts may only be removed mechanically.


Store CHEM-CRETE DRY OAKUM in cool and dry conditions. Moisture and high humidity may be absorbed, if Dry Oakum is left open outside. No shelf life for CHEM-CRETE DRY OAKUM.


KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN & ANIMAL. Wear breahing masks when using.


LIMITED WARRANTY:   International CHEM-CRETE Inc. warrants that, at the time and place we make shipment, our materials will be of good quality and will conform to our published specifications in force on the date of acceptance of the order.


DISCLAIMER:   The information contained herein is included for illustrative purposes only and, to the best of our knowledge, is accurate and reliable. International CHEM-CRETE Inc. is not under any circumstances liable to connection with the use of information. As International CHEM-CRETE Inc. has no control over the use to which others may put its products, it is recommended that the products be tested to determine the suitability for specific applications and/or our information is valid in particular circumstances. Responsibility remains with the architect or engineer, contractor and owner of the design, application and proper installation of each product. Specifier and user shall determine the suitability of the product for specific application and assume all responsibility in connection therewith.  AM30319.