Water and Weather Resistance Fine Exterior Finish

CEM241-F is a one-component polymer modified cementitious fine finish consisting of polymers, and other additives suitable for exterior final finish prior to paint work. CEM241-F can be applied up to 3 mm in thickness.


Technical Data Sheet


CEM241-F is designed for the durable finish, pinhole filling and re-profiling of in-situ and pre-cast concrete in civil engineering structures such as:


  • Facades, columns and beams
  • Bridges, towers and tunnels
  • Plastered surfaces.


CEM241-F prevents damages from water penetration to concrete, acid rain, and freeze-thaw cycles.


  • Moderate flexibility to fill cracks in the substrate.
  • Protective and chemical resistance floor topping.
  • Water resistance topping and low permeability.


Product Packaging
CEM241-F 50 LB (22.68 Kg) BAG


Color: CEM241-F is available in two standard colors and requires only addition of water.


Property Value Standard
Pot Life at 77°F (25°C) 1 hour N/A
Initial Setting Time @ 70°F 21ºC, hour 3.3 ASTM C-191
Final Setting Time @ 70°F (21ºC), hour > 4 ASTM C-191
Bond Strength, psi (MPa) 194 (1.34) ASTM D-4541 Method A
Mixed Density, Lb/ft3 (kg/m3) 113.62 (1820)


Coverage: 50 Lb (22.68 kg) bag covers approximately 4.88 m² area at 3 mm thickness.


Mixing: mixing ratio is 1.92 Gallons (7.26 Liters) of clean Potable water to 50 Lb (22.68 kg) CEM 241-F Bag.


For a better consistency, CEM241-F should be mixed by a mechanical mixer. In case of hand mixing do not mix quantities greater than 3 kg at one time. For mechanical mixing, slow speed mini mixer (approximately 400 rpm) or drill fitted with paddle can be utilized.


Pour approximately 1/2 of the measured water needed into the mixer then add CEM241-F slowly while mixing. After 3-4 minutes add the remaining water and mix until the mixture has the required lump free consistency.


Limitations: Surface and application temperature should be more than 41°F (5°C). Apply only to thoroughly clean, sound substrate. Surface should be saturated with water prior to the application.


Curing: In hot weather conditions, the finished coat of CEM241-F should be cured by spraying water after 8 hours of application for 3 days.


Cleaning: Tools, equipment, etc. can be cleaned immediately using clean water.


CEM241-F has a shelf life of minimum 12 months when stored in cool and dry conditions in unopened bags. Don’t store in direct sunlight.


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