Total Concrete Admixture

CEM300 Total Concrete Admixtures is a one-component, free flowing powder, which has been specially designed with:

  • Extenders
  • De-foamers
  • Super plasticizers
  • De-aerators
  • Water reducers
  • Bonding agents


Technical Data Sheet


CEM300 is widely used in civil engineering applications, such as:

  • Pre-cast concrete production.
  • Faster installation of tilt up concrete panels.
  • Used with special design Chem-Crete metallic mortars.
  • In-situ cast concrete foundations, water tanks, pools, and reservoirs.
  • For concrete road paving enabling concrete to be opened to traffic early.


  • Double one-day strengths.
  • More than double 28-day compressive strength.
  • Can be used in-situ self-designed cement-sand-stone formula.
  • Can be used with ready mixed concrete.
  • Non-toxic and safe to use.
  • Imparts improve weathering characteristics to concrete.
  • Increases bonding to old concrete or asphalt surfaces.
  • Attains early strengths, which aids fast track projects.



Product Packaging
CEM300 44 Lb (20.00 Kg) PAIL


Test results for CEM300 vary with the concrete mixes that are used and strengths gains can only be calculated using test cylinders of the finished concrete during the pouring and placing procedures. 1 day, 7 days and 28 days test cylinder breaks comply with industry standard.


Dosages: Dosages might vary depending on the application type also it might vary for the same application. Tests need to be performed by the user. Below are recommended dosages:

  • Cementitious Mortars: 1 to 2.5% of the cement weight in the mortar mix design.
  • Cement Concrete: 50 Lb CEM300 is added per total 2000 Lbs of concrete mix design.



  • Use a high intensity mixer or ready mix truck.
  • Have available water in predetermined volumes in accordance with batch mix design.
  • Make sure the mixer is clean and dry.
  • Calculate the amount of CEM300 admixture per weight and have it available for adding to the mix.
  • Place the proper amounts of dry cement into the dry mixer.
  • Add the proper amount of total admixture CEM300 and mix until thoroughly mixed for five minutes.
  • Add proper amounts of sand and aggregate.
  • Mix for 3 minutes – dry.
  • Add the water during the mixing at a slow rate until mix is smooth and consistent.
  • Test and adjust slump if desired or specified.


Note: Excess free water during mixing must be avoided to prevent loss of cement and admixture adhesion to aggregates. Water ratio is 10% to the total weight mix. Adjust to the right slump.


Placing: Place the prepared concrete and finish in accordance with specifications for acceptable industry practices.


Curing: Curing of the concrete should be in accordance with specification for acceptable industry practices.


Cleaning: fresh water should be used to clean all tools, equipment immediately after used.


CEM300 is packaged in plastic container. Shelf life is minimum 2 years when stored in its original undamaged container in cool and dry storage place.


CEM300 is a non-flammable and non-toxic in nature.  Avoid contact with eyes and skin as it may cause irritation due to its alkaline nature.  Splashes of CEM300 should be washed off immediately with clean water.  Wear necessary gloves and dust mask.


LIMITED WARRANTY:   International Chem-Crete Inc. warrants that, at the time and place we make shipment, our materials will be of good quality and will conform to our published specifications in force on the date of acceptance of the order.


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